Activity Report

12/1 [Interview] Exclusive Interview with President Itakura

We interviewed Ms. Itakura on the issue of the removal of videos featuring Rinka Tojo, asking questions from the perspective of VR/VTuber and education.

11/26 Recruitment of VR Culture Ambassadors.

We are looking for #VR文化アンバサダー . Not only Vtubers and other creators, but also VR users are welcome to apply!

11/23 Terms of Use Awareness Poster is now available.

We have released a poster to raise awareness about the changes to the Terms of Service in order to advocate for creators' activities.

11/12 Submitted a written opinion to the Tokyo Metropolitan Government.

The Tokyo Metropolitan Branch of the NPO Virtual Rights submitted an opinion to the "Call for Citizens' Opinions on the Basic Concept (Interim Summary) of the Revision of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government's Comprehensive Plan for the Promotion of Gender Equality.

11/1 Taught a class at a private VRC school.

Lecture on "VRC Jurisprudence - NPO Virtual Rights Special Class" at the private VRC Academy.

10/24 The 1st Ordinary General Meeting of Employees was held.

We held the world's first fully VR employee meeting. The meeting included many institutional challenges, such as the use of VR for signatures. Proposals 1 and 2 were passed unanimously.

10/10 VR Citizen Conference 2 was held.

VR Citizen Conference -VR and Education-", an event for VR citizens and experts to exchange opinions in VR space, will be held on October 10, 2021 (Sunday). This event was held in support of "Digital Day" by the Digital Agency.

10/1 Formed business alliance with, LLC

We are pleased to announce our business partnership with DMM Virtual Office, a service of, LLC. You can use DMM Virtual Office at a special price by using the coupon code listed in the #お得な制度 in the official Discord.

9/19 A new director was appointed.

Mr. Nikomaru resigned from the Board of Directors due to various reasons including his busy schedule, and Mr. Suikai, who was recommended by Mr. Nikomaru, was appointed as his successor.
In addition, Mr. Nikomaru has been in office for one fiscal year and has contributed to the stabilization of the corporation, so we granted him the Meritorious Member Roll as of September 3.

9/9 The report of the public comment will be posted.

The following is a report on the "Opinions submitted on the Kagawa Prefecture Basic Plan for Education (Draft) and the Prefecture's response to them" published by Kagawa Prefecture.

9/2 CEO appeared on ABEMA TV.

In the September 2 episode of "Why do you link BABINIKU and anime to the motive for the crime? Is it necessary to report on the speculation about the person? on September 2nd.

9/1 Received a letter of appreciation from the Tokyo Branch of the Japanese Red Cross Society

We thought that the Japanese Red Cross Society's philosophy of "protecting human life, health and dignity" is common to both the real and virtual worlds, so we solicited donations and made the donation. The donations will be used for disaster relief activities.

9/1 Statement on the article in AERA dot.

We have issued an emergency statement in response to the article in AERA dot.

8/21 Made a policy proposal to the officials of the Agency for Cultural Affairs

Made policy proposals focusing on copyright-related issues to a member of the Subcommittee on Basic Legislative Issues of the Copyright Subcommittee of the Cultural Affairs Council of the Agency for Cultural Affairs.

8/4 3D Model Terms of Use Study Session was held

A study session on 3D model terms of use was held at DiscordVC, and in addition to points of caution for both buyers and sellers, case studies were introduced. The lecturer was Mr. Akizuki from the Legal Department of our corporation, and the supervisor was our legal counsel.

7/29 Opinion Paper Submitted to Kagawa Prefecture

We submitted a written opinion to the public comments on the Kagawa Prefecture Basic Education Plan as a non-profit organization Virtual Rights.

7/12 Briefing session on game ordinance issues was held.

Mr. Akizuki from the Legal Affairs Section of our corporation gave an explanation from a legal perspective with the aim of understanding the problems with Kagawa Prefecture's game ordinances in preparation for submitting opinions for public comment.

7/3 Notice of Appointment of Corporate Counsel

@shinobuhome of the Dai-ichi Tokyo Bar Association will be joining the Legal Division of the Virtual Rights Office as an advisor.

6/25 Notice of Change of Officers

The following changes will be made to the board of directors as of today. Appointed: Mr. Minato Minami (@minatoo86) Resigned: Mr. Nyano (@Nyano_VR)

In addition, in accordance with Article 23, Paragraph 1 of the Law for the Promotion of Specified Nonprofit Activities, we will submit a notice of change of officers to the Chiba Prefectural Government by the end of today.

6/24 Held a class at VRC Academy

We conducted a lecture on "Introduction to VRCitizenship" at VRC Academy to learn about freedom of expression, human rights and citizenship.

6/21 Written request was submitted to the National Diet Members League

A request for "further expansion of financial support for young artists and creators" was submitted to the Diet Members' Federation through the Japan Youth Council.

6/11 VR Photo Award has started!

A photo contest will be held to promote VR culture to the general public, and photos taken in the VR space are eligible. An award ceremony and exhibition of the entries will be held in the VR space at a later date.

6/6 VR Culture Ambassadors have been posted.

Thank you for your interest in becoming a VR culture ambassador. At 23:30 today, we sent out an email to those who are eligible. We have received more applications than we expected, so we will be accepting 11 more applicants than we had planned.

6/6 Became a corporate member of the Japan Youth Council

Virtual Rights NPO has become a corporate member of the Japan Youth Council, with the aim of making more effective proposals on policies related to VR (copyright system, freedom of expression, sound development of youth, game regulations, etc.) and submitting requests to the Diet members.

5/16 Recruitment of VR culture ambassadors has started.

The NPO Virtual Rights Certified VR Culture Ambassador System (hereafter referred to as the Ambassador System or Ambassadors) is a system designed to support and assist those who are widely promoting the appeal of VR culture. In addition to receiving various supports to expand their activities, the ambassadors are able to objectively demonstrate the public interest of their activities.

4/26 Application procedures for the use of the sponsor's name are now available.

In order to support various cultural activities related to VR, NPO Virtual Rights has launched a "Sponsorship System", which has the merit of objectively promoting public interest by obtaining support from NPO Virtual Rights.

4/20 We have decided to hold VR Citizen Conference.

NPO Virtual Rights has decided to hold "VR Citizen Conference #VRCC1", an event for VR citizens and experts to exchange opinions on the latest VR culture, on April 24th in the VR space.

3/31 Public Comment on the Copyright System

We have conducted a public opinion survey on the copyright system for our members.The aim is to clarify issues that have not received much attention so far due to the development of VR.

3/29 Obtained the status of Specified Nonprofit CORPORATION

We applied for registration at the Chiba Legal Affairs Bureau, and became an NPO, Virtual Rights, after acquiring the personality of a non-profit organization.

3/20 Got My Own Domain Name has been acquired!

2/19 Public Notice on Chiba Prefecture Website

Information on the application for the establishment of an NPO has been published on the Chiba Prefecture website.

1/31 General Meeting of the Foundation Held

VRChat World held an inaugural meeting, which is necessary to apply for certification of incorporation as an NPO.