Address3-22-23, Otsuka, Inzai-shi, Chiba
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Board Member Information

Yuto Kunitake (Representative) Takato Omori Eitaro Watanabe

Registration Information

Name: NPO Virtual Rights, Inc.

Principal office: 22-23, Otsuka 3-chome, Inzai City, Chiba Prefecture

Purpose, etc.

Purpose and Business

The purpose of this corporation is to contribute to the realization of an Internet space where people can respect each other's individuality and personality by protecting freedom of expression and privacy in the virtual reality space and developing virtual reality culture.

In order to achieve its objectives, this organization shall engage in the following types of specified non-profit activities

1. Activities to promote social education

2. Activities to promote academics, culture, arts, or sports

3. Activities for the protection of human rights or the promotion of peace

4. Activities to promote the development of an information society

5. Activities for the protection of consumers

In order to achieve its objectives, this organization shall engage in the following activities

(1) Activities related to specified non-profit activities

(1) Activities related to holding workshops and seminars

(2) Activities related to support for expressive activities on the Internet

(3) Research on users of virtual reality space

(4) Activities related to the promotion of virtual reality

(5) Other businesses necessary to achieve the purpose of the corporation

Matters Relating to Officers

Qualifications: Board Member

Address: 3-22-23, Otsuka, Inzai City, Chiba Prefecture

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