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A world where you can be who you want to be.

Virtual Rights is a non-profit organization certified by Chiba Prefecture to promote VR culture for the benefit of VR users and creators.

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A wealth of experience in activities

The NPO Virtual Rights has experience in a wide range of activities from policy advocacy to humanitarian activities, and will continue to promote culture and activities originating in the virtual space in the interest of protecting VR culture.

What's New

We interviewed Ms. Itakura about the issue of the deleted video featuring Linca Tojou. (2021.12.1)

We released a poster to raise awareness regarding changes to Terms of Service. (2021.11.23)

We submitted a written opinion on the Tokyo Metropolitan Government's Gender Equality Plan. (2021.11.12)

We conducted a class at VRC High School (2021.11.2)

We held the 1st Ordinary General Meeting of Members. (2021.10.24)

We convened the 1st Ordinary General Meeting of Members. (2021.10.17)

We held “VR Citizen Conference 2: VR and Education” (2021.10.10)

Call for additions and revisions to the draft policy proposals for the House of Representatives election. (2021.10.4)

We forged a business alliance with, LLC. (2021.10.1)

Directors were appointed and former directors were awarded the title of Distinguished Member. (2021.9.19)

We will collaborate with Diver-X Corporation. (2021.9.14)

We posted a report on public comments submitted to Kagawa Prefecture. (2021.9.9)

We released an emergency statement on the AERA article. (2021.9.1)

We received a letter of appreciation from the Tokyo Branch of the Japanese Red Cross Society. (2021.9.1)

We made a policy proposal to a member of the Subcommittee on Basic Legislative Issues of the Copyright Subcommittee of the Cultural Council, Agency for Cultural Affairs. (2021.8.21)


Virtual Rights is engaged in numerous projects aimed at promoting VR culture.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q.What is VR culture?
A. This question is as difficult as "What is Japanese culture?” If we had to put it differently, we would say it’s "all cultural activities that take place in VR" but we are not in a position to determine what VR culture is. We believe that the answer to this question will be created by VR users and creators.

Q. What are your operating funds?
A. In most cases, our operations are funded by donations.

Q. Are you a political organization?
A. No, Virtual Rights is not a political organization. In accordance with Article 2 of Japan’s Law for the Promotion of Specified Nonprofit Activities, NPOs are prohibited from engaging in political activities as their main purpose. (Submitting policy proposals is not a political activity under the law.)

Q. Does your organization represent VR users and creators?
A. We do not represent the general will of all VR users and creators. However, anyone can become a member, so please feel free to join us if you have any opinions.

Comments from the Chair

Due to the various hurdles involved in experiencing it, VR has developed a unique culture. In recent years, however, advances in VR technology, including head-mounted displays, have brought VR into the hands of a growing number of people. In such an environment, we decided to establish a non-profit organization because we are aware of the problem that platformers may disregard the right to remain anonymous in VR space. Moreover, we felt the need to preserve the unique culture of VR and offer more support to VR users without profit. The decision to establish the organization as a non-profit organization was made not only to pursue activities that have been carried out by users and voluntary organizations, but also to benefit all VR users by deepening cooperation with related organizations. From this perspective, we thought it would be best to make it a socially recognized public interest organization. We believe that this will allow us to develop and establish our organization and in the future, contribute to the development of free expression on the Internet from the standpoint of virtual reality culture. In order to achieve our goal of cultural development, it is essential that our activities are not for profit, and that many citizens participate in our activities. We will continue to carry out various activities with the understanding and cooperation of our members, supporters, and VR citizens.


Board Member Minato Minami

Board Member SUICAI

As of September 2021, all board members are unpaid and may be replaced due to life circumstances.