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Virtual Rights is a non-profit organization certified by Chiba Prefecture to promote VR culture for the benefit of VR users and creators.

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The Future of the Metaverse

We had a dialogue about the future of the Metaverse with prominent figures such as former Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, Hakubun Shimomura, principals from the Japan Research Institute, and the chairman and directors of the Tokyo Junior Chamber of Commerce. As the NPO Virtual Rights, we convey our opinions to these opinion leaders who are active at the top of their fields.

You can find the archive here:

We submitted information to the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights Office in response to their call for input on the "implementation of Resolution A/RES/76/162 on human rights and cultural diversity. We expressed our views on issues such as the new cybercrime treaty and the designation of harmful books.

We exchanged opinions with the Japan Consumers' Association

We shared the compiled materials of the "Consumer Life Consultation × Metaverse-related Survey" with the Japan Consumers' Association. The "Consumer Life Consultation × Metaverse-related Survey" is a questionnaire survey conducted by our organization for both metaverse users and non-users , and based on about 300 responses, we have summarized the necessary measures for the future.

Our president made a guest appearance at the SDGs National Forum 2022 Shiga・Biwako (sponsored by: United Nations Information Centre, Ministry of the Environment, National Governors' Association, National Mayors' Association, and National Town and Village Association) and gave a presentation on promoting SDGs through the use of the metaverse .

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Adopted at the STI Forum

Rich Track Record of Activities

The Virtual Rights has a wide range of activity achievements, from policy recommendations to humanitarian actions. In order to protect VR culture, we will continue to engage in cultural transmission and activities originating from virtual spaces in the future.

Mission Statement

The purpose of this organization is to advocate for freedom of entertainment expression and privacy protection in virtual reality spaces, promote the development of virtual reality culture, and contribute to the realization of an internet space where individuality and personality are mutually respected.

In order to achieve its purpose, this organization will carry out the following types of specified non-profit activities:

(1) Activities to promote social education
(2) Activities to promote academia, culture, arts, or sports
(3) Activities to advocate for human rights or promote peace
(4) Activities to advance the development of information society
(5) Activities to protect consumers

In order to achieve its purpose, this organization will carry out the following projects:

1.Projects related to specified non-profit activities

(1) Projects related to organizing workshops and seminars
(2) Projects related to supporting expressive activities on the internet
(3) Projects involving research on virtual reality space users
(4) Projects related to promoting the popularization of virtual reality
(5) Other projects necessary to achieve the purpose of this organization

Comments from the Chairperson

Until recently, VR has had a unique culture due to the high barrier to entry for experiencing it. However, advancements in VR technology, including head-mounted displays, have provided more people with opportunities to experience VR. In this context, we recognized the need to establish a non-profit organization to address concerns about the right to remain anonymous in VR spaces being overlooked by platform providers, and to inherit the unique culture of VR while expanding support for VR users without relying on profit. We decided to establish an NPO because we believe it is the best approach to become a socially recognized and beneficial organization, not only for the activities carried out by users and voluntary organizations so far, but also to deepen collaboration with related organizations to create benefits for all VR users. We believe that by doing so, our organization can develop and establish itself, and ultimately contribute widely to the growth of free expression on the internet centered around virtual reality culture. In order to achieve the goal of cultural development, it is essential that our activities are not for-profit and that many citizens participate. Therefore, we believe that it is optimal to operate as a Specified Nonprofit Corporation. We plan to carry out various activities in the future with the understanding and cooperation of members, supporters, and VR citizens.